Design Thinking is a method for solving all kinds of business challenges creatively and having fun while doing so! It has enjoyed great popularity for years. With the Design Thinking method you approach a problem in a structured way, put yourself in the user’s position and then work out creative solutions to the problem in a team. Solution approaches are tested and, if necessary, quickly discarded in order to continue working
on alternative solutions. Until the best possible solution for the user is found.

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So the added value of Design Thinking is:

  • The development of new ideas is less risky because they are tested in advance ( -> derisk innovation)
  • Design Thinking creates the best possible solution for the user (-> user-centered design)
  • Last but not least: It’s fun! Because in Design Thinking you always work together (-> interdisciplinary team effort)

In this course you will learn what different concepts there are in Design Thinking and how you can integrate them into your daily working life. We clarify the most important terms and work on a challenge. This is the only way to gain confidence in using Design Thinking and to be able to apply it yourself.

Please contact me via if you are interested in a course. Because of Covid-19, all courses are held online at the moment.

As a special and lasting conclusion to the course, you will have the opportunity to consolidate your knowledge via an exam. If you pass, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate, with which you can prove your Design Thinking expertise to your current and future employer. I work together with the independent certifyer iSQI.

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